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Brazilian Crystal Bed Healing


Brazilian Crystal Bed Healing Busselton Dunsborough Margaret River YallingupChromotherapy

Chromotherapy is a powerful blend of light, colour and crystal radiation that positively influences the tissues, cells, organs, skin, mind and spirit in order to stimulate their healing.  The colour, light and crystal vibrations are delivered to the diifferent parts of the body in a unique and very pleasant way, whilst relaxing on a wonderfully relaxing bed bathing in soft and gentle music.

The guidance of a qualified practitioner directs the process which is a major factor in the healing.

The Origins of Chromotherapy

 All major civilizations recognized the importance of light, colour and crystals in healing. The Assyrians, Babylonians and Egyptians all practiced therapeutic sunbathing.  Brazil, which is widely known as the Land of Crystals first discovered the power of Crystal Bed Therapy that has been used for many, many years in healing around this huge country.

What is a John of God Crystal Healing Bed?

A Crystal Bed is a small bed with 7 crystal lights directly above it.  Each individual light shines through a Crystal that has a specific vibration and are positioned about 40cms above the body and are arrayed from the head to the lower body over the Energy Centres.

These Crystals are unique and specialised, and have been energised by highly evolved healing spiritual doctors at the time the crystals were originally formed.

What to expect

Each individual person lives with their own set of circumstances that influences their health and wellbeing. Through crisis, trauma, accident or genetically acquired these issues affect everybody in their own unique way, and so the healing that they receive through the crystal healing bed will be individual for each person also.


The healing from the crystal bed is generally different for each person - a deep sense of relaxation is most commonly felt while physical sensations, colours and temperature changes can be experienced also. It is recommended that the client refrains from any stimulants up to a week after their healing to assist with integration process.  


Our practitioners at Alchemy always facilitate the healing process making sure that you are totally relaxed, feeling safe and open to receiving the beautiful loving energy from the John of God entities and powerful crystals.


Always allow over an hour to integrate the healing and preferably arrive hydrated and wearing loose and light clothing.